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Welcome Creative VAs!

All levels of creative virtual assistant are welcome here, from "I'm just starting to think about being a VA but want to learn more" all the way to "I'm an expert Creative VA but I love to learn new stuff and stay up on all the industry gossip." And anyone in between! If you're just starting to explore the Creative VA idea, definitely check out my FREE course right up there ⬆️

Welcome Creative Entrepreneurs!

If you already work with Creative Virtual Assistants or are thinking about it, please stick around! The resources and community here will benefit you as you learn how Creative VAs work, what they can do for your business, and more! Creative VAs are on top of all the same tools and concepts used by creative entrepreneurs, so we're a great crowd to hang out with. πŸ‘πŸ»

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for Your Creative VA Business"

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What is a Creative Virtual Assistant?

All VAs are welcome here but the focus will be on building
a Creative VA business. And what is a "Creative VA" anyway?

The virtual assistant world has many different niches or specialities based on the type of work being done and the type of clients being assisted. For example, Tech Virtual Assistants do tech-related tasks and tend to work with clients in a techie industry. 

Similarly, Creative Virtual Assistants tend to do more creative work that assists the creative entrepreneurs they work with. Here are some things a Creative VA might do:

  • update a website for an author
  • design social media graphics for a wedding coordinator
  • proofread, edit, and schedule blog posts for a lifestyle blogger
  • create an e-mail template for a photographer
  • moderate a Facebook Group for a life coach

These are just some examples; there are lots more things Creative VAs do! So while being a Creative Virtual Assistant is a specific niche, there are lots of fun variations in the work and clients!

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